UFO千夜一夜 / UFO Thousand Nights

UFO研究家 竹本 良 と科学者 サルヒコ による日本唯一のUFOトーク番組「UFO千夜一夜」を毎週、生配信しています。





"UFO Thousand Nights"by UFO researcher Ryo Takemoto and scientist Saruhiko is the only UFO talk program in Japan.

The youtube channel "TV Marginal" delivers "UFO thousand Nights" and other programs focusing on marginal science topics such as UFO, UMA, Occult, and Paranomal.

Link of TV Marginal : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVyGQRaWkQNwEsfNHRIC_7g

※ Program details are updated from time to time at the blog top.




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